'The hearing aid is working beautifully and making such a difference. I will begin having my mother's friends come over to visit and she will be able to be more involved in the conversation.

Thank you so much!'


'The change in my aunt has been so dramatic since she received the hearing aid through your organization that I felt I had to write and say many, many many thanks to you. She has a completely changed personality and now has an optimistic outlook for her 83 years.' 

Jerry B.

'I am writing to let everybody know how grateful I am to the people that made it possible for me to hear again after ten years without a hearing aid. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart'

Aurora O.

'The thorough care and help of the audiologist makes me believe that there is a whole new world open to me' 


'Thank you for helping us get a hearing aid for my aunt.  Because of you, my aunt is able to feel secure and enjoy life again'

Wilma D.

What People Say About Our Services . . 

Our nonprofit audiologist will counsel you on the hearing evaluation and discuss your goals for hearing better in daily activities. 

Affordable Hearing Solutions

'The improvement in my mother since she has got her hearing aid through Hear-Say is remarkable!​  My mother's personality seems more extroverted now.  She can talk on the phone without having the other party repeat words over and over.'

Margarita M.

Nonprofit hearing loss services are provided by licensed audiologists who partner with community agencies, clinics and hearing instrument providers.

'The entire staff at Hear-Say was kind, helpful and understanding and patient'

Margaret C.

We educate individuals and their family members on the effect of hearing loss on overall health. We guide them through options for hearing instruments that are appropriate for their hearing loss. 

'I am very happy with my hearing aid.  I will not have to constantly put my hand to my ear and ask "what did you say?" I pray that others will find the comfort I have found in wearing the device.'

Vera W.

Collaborative Consultation

Hearing Education & Counseling

'Thanks to you and your staff.  They truly understand the frustrations and loneliness of the hearing impaired.' 

Fern L.

'I appreciate you going the extra mile in helping me to get my hearing aids. You made it so easy for me to get adjusted to them and to understand the information. Again, thanks for all your help.' 

Constance P.